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Pan African Agricultural Plantations Limited (PAAP) has now secured land and irrigation water rights as it prepares to commence agricultural operations. In addition, PAAP has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)s with strategic partners to form a robust value and supply chain for its produce.

PAAP is well on its way to being fully organic certified having acquired land that has been fallow for the past five years. PAAP’s agricultural, horticultural, and dairy productions are guided by the GLOBALGAP integrity programme and IFOAM organic standards.

In the New Year 2011, PAAP will commence its operations with the creation and operation of a one thousand milking cow dairy. This will be done in tandem to the construction of its first one hectare greenhouse and one hectare vegetable seedling nursery.

PAAP operations are hinged on a strong reliance on its OutGrowerNet programme. The OutGrowerNet is part of our leveraged farming practise, which successfully integrates small-scale farmers into the lucrative global value chain. To this end, our smallholder farming partners form an integral part of our production cycle.


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